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From December 20, 2022, Canada Will Ban The Manufacture And Import Of Single-Use Plastic Products

From the end of 2022, Canada officially prohibits companies from importing or producing plastic bags and takeaway boxes; from the end of 2023, these plastic products will no longer be sold in the country; by the end of 2025, not only will they not be produced or imported, but all these plastic products in Canada will not be exported to other places!
Canada’s goal is to achieve “zero plastic into landfills, beaches, rivers, wetlands, and forests” by 2030, so that plastics will disappear in nature.
Except for industries and places with special exceptions, Canada will ban the manufacture and import of these single-use plastics. This regulation will come into effect from December 2022!
“This (phased ban) will give Canadian businesses enough time to transition and deplete their existing stocks. We promised Canadians we would ban single-use plastics, and we will deliver.”
Gilbert also said that when it comes into effect in December this year, Canadian companies will provide sustainable solutions to the public, including paper straws and reusable shopping bags.
I believe that many Chinese living in Greater Vancouver are familiar with the ban on plastic bags. Vancouver and Surrey have taken the lead in implementing the ban on plastic bags, and Victoria has followed suit.
In 2021, France has already banned most of these plastic products, and this year has begun to gradually ban the use of plastic packaging for more than 30 kinds of fruits and vegetables, the use of plastic packaging for newspapers, the addition of non-biodegradable plastics to tea bags, and the distribution of free plastics for children with fast food Toy.
The Minister of the Environment of Canada also admitted that Canada is not the first country to ban plastics, but it is in the leading position.
On June 7, a study in The Cryosphere, a journal of the European Union of Geosciences, showed that scientists discovered microplastics in snow samples from Antarctica for the first time, shocking the world!
But no matter what, the plastic ban announced by Canada today is indeed a step forward, and the daily life of Canadians will also change completely. When you go to the supermarket to buy things, or throw garbage in the backyard, you need to pay attention to the use of plastic , to adapt to the “plastic-free life”.
Not only for the sake of the earth, but also for the sake of human beings not to perish, environmental protection is a major issue that deserves deep thinking. I hope everyone can take action to protect the earth we depend on for survival.
Invisible pollution requires visible actions. I hope everyone will do their best to contribute.

Post time: Nov-23-2022