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Environmental Advantages Of Compostable Starch Tableware

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This project utilizes the principle of modern biotechnology synthesis to develop new products of “compostable environmental protection tableware and compostable packaging materials” using compostable tableware production equipment. Technology; compostable disposable tableware adopts safe, hygienic and biodegradable water-based waterproof membrane, and is equipped with complete disposable tableware production equipment to form an industrialized production model.
According to the demand survey, many scientific research units and research institutes at home and abroad are currently developing such products with natural starch as the base material. Starch tableware still fails to realize the demand of industrialized production at present. However, there is a great demand for biodegradable disposable tableware products in the market. Merchants in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions have a high evaluation of the environmental protection value of degradable starch tableware products. Degradable disposable tableware is rich in raw material resources at home and abroad and has a large market space. The special equipment technology manufactured by our company’s patented production technology, as well as the price advantage and natural degradation advantages of degradable straw tableware products have great potential for market development. Degradable disposable straw tableware high-content starch foaming disposable tableware and packaging material technology is the only company at home and abroad that has been approved for this invention patent technology. Environmentally friendly tableware products have been tested by the US FDA, EU and Chinese professional testing agencies. All indicators, performance and sanitation indicators of degradable and environmentally friendly tableware products have reached relevant technical standards.
The degradable tableware project is invested in sustainable industrialization development. Corn starch and tapioca starch are renewable resources, which are inexhaustible and inexhaustible. The biodegradable disposable tableware developed by using natural raw materials is in line with the national low-carbon environmental protection policy , Composting standards for degradable tableware.

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