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Degradable Starch Tableware Production Equipment

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At present, the disposable foam tableware and plastic tableware used in the domestic and foreign markets basically adopt injection molding and blister molding in the production equipment. Beijing Lvtaimeimei Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has recently developed a compostable tableware production equipment using high-temperature foam molding technology. Automatic and semi-automatic degradable tableware production equipment for degradable cups and degradable trays. The degradable tableware equipment adopts robot design with high production efficiency and can reduce manual operations. The environmental protection tableware production equipment adopts an integrated design from feeding and molding to coating and drying the inner wall of the product, and the operation of the straw tableware production equipment is simple. Environmentally friendly tableware equipment has undergone many transformations and upgrades from research and development to molding companies. Starch tableware equipment has a variety of models suitable for various customers to invest in and build factories. Degradable tableware equipment produces disposable tableware with starch as raw material. It is non-toxic, harmless and non-polluting. It has excellent comprehensive advantages in environmentally friendly disposable tableware. Compostable disposable cups and compostable disposable plates are used from production The whole process is pollution-free and has been widely accepted by people as biodegradable disposable tableware. Its unique performance has become an incomparable substitute for degradable disposable starch tableware.
The production equipment of degradable starch tableware produces a completely compostable disposable tableware and green packaging material through starch foaming technology. The development of compostable disposable plate production equipment is independently developed and manufactured by Beijing Green Beauty Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and has applied for a number of patent technology protection. Patented technology protection is conducive to customers’ orderly and stable production in the region, maximizing product profits, and effectively avoiding disorderly expansion and imitation equipment manufacturing after technology leakage. Maximize the long-term benefits of protecting customers’ investment risks. Degradable starch disposable tableware equipment the production process is composed of corn starch and auxiliary natural plant materials. Degradable disposable cups do not contain harmful substances to human body, and can realize rapid biodegradation and zero pollution: degradable disposable board products are buried in soil, which can degrade to form carbon dioxide and water after 30 days, and degradable disposable trays do not pollute soil and air. Save resources: Corn starch tableware is an inexhaustible renewable resource, while paper tableware and plastic tableware need a lot of wood and petrochemical products. Compostable disposable cups can save a lot of oil and forest resources.

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